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    Default What is this guys deal?

    Go to youtube and type in"Laser Interceptor connections with testing group exposed". Sorry I dont have 15 posts so I cant post any links or vids

    I dont see any factual information with this video!

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    Default Re: What is this guys deal?

    Oh... him? He is a:

    (Since you can't see links):Troll.

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    Default Re: What is this guys deal?

    He is a Troll and Goon

    If you want information on his deal you will find it in the thread GOON Watch 24/7 which is stickied in this forum.

    The guy has a huge beef with Laser Interceptor and Guys Of Lidar as they have proven him multiple times to be full of sh1t and a liar. Also he sold and developed a competitors product. He likes to pretend he is unbiased but he is heavily financially commited to his jammer product so far as he will go after anyone who calls him out on his BS

    Spoiler: show

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    Default Re: What is this guys deal?

    Stickies FTW.

    This is explained in two of them. You'd know that if you had read them as you were asked to.

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