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    Default am i alowed to post??

    hy all..

    just wondering after reading the rr post about my device, am i alowed to post or i should change my nick and reregister as blinder or what?..

    i relay understand the position of RR but why then keep the drama going on instead of simple board name change to Blinder board and that is it... i would not mind it at all..

    i was under inmpresion that in USA you are NOT guilty until proven so, and not other way around..

    i was realy sad reading that post and fealing as a realy bad guy after it, and i know for a fact that i am not, and i know for a fact that LI is not a clone from BLINDER, and i am quite sure everyone reading this board knows this, and this is not issue, but then again WHAT IS ??

    i dont know anyone selling LI via this board if there is anyone please let me know..
    Also, i would like to point out that this is not discussion on RR post, but just my personal post... since in my nick name is name of my product..

    If you decide to ban me... ok.. fine..

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    Default Re: am i alowed to post??

    I understand that English is not your first language, so it appears that you have misunderstood the post.

    There is no problem discussing the product. The only problem is in discussing where to purchase it, as well as discussion of LI vs. Blinder legal and political issues. That's all. The very same restrictions apply to Blinder.

    Sorry it was not made clearer. In the future, remember that PRIVATE MESSAGING is the way to inquire about these issues.

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