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    I certainly don't want to give the wrong people the wrong idea, but I just had a thought (it happens now and again, ya know) that I'd like to share with the experts here.

    Why couldn't a laser gun record the speed of a vehicle at an extreme angle, like, say 30 degrees or even 45 degrees provided the gun "knew" exactly what the angle was? If you shot a vehicle traveling at 45 degrees to you and you knew that it was at exactly 45 degrees couldn't the processor in the gun make the correct speed calculation?

    This would obviously make laser jamming useless unless the jammer could somehow be made to respond with a beam of it's own at the correct angle.

    The origin of my idea was the "lead computing gun sight" introduced by the allies for use in fighter aircraft at the end of world war II. They made deflection (angled) shooting practical when engaging enemy aircraft even if the pilot was not a naturally gifted and experienced ace.

    If it would work I sure hope no one on the "other side" thinks of it!

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    well then you would need a point of reference for the 0 degree mark. i would imagine a tripod set to the correct angle would work, but then that would also be another point we could bring up in a court case (another calibration point).

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    I think there's at least one gun out there (Laser Atlanta?) that lets you enter an angle for cosine error correction.

    I don't know if it allows extreme angles like 30-45 degrees or not. The more angle there is, the more variation you'll get based on distance (the angle will become steeper as the car gets closer). Of course, a gun could be programmed so you could enter how far off the road it is located, then it could use its measured distance-to-target and trigonometry to calculate the angle and then use that to correct for cosine errors... better not speak too loud lest some gun manufacturer gets the same idea...
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    Just thinking out loud here:

    While the LIDAR could follow the guns' movement by internal accelerometers (survey versions do this) I wonder how accurately the vehicle could be tracked.

    Its the vehicles path that would need to be updated to determine the actual co-sine error introduced into the reading.

    Pan / "slip" would still be unknown IMHO.



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    Unless you do what Suf Daddy says, it would have to be set at the angle and left there. Basically, it'd have to get an immediate speed, since moving it to follow the car would alter the angle.



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