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    Default Jammers & Laser Cruise Control

    I've seen quite a few posts about how vehicles equipped with laser cruise control can trigger a laser jammer, but I have not seen any information as to how the jammer effects the cruise control.
    That is, lets say I'm running down the highway with my jammers on and I encounter a vehicle equipped with LCC, and my jammers start doing their thing: can the jammers interfere with the LCC to the point that this could pose a safety hazzard to the vehicle with LCC?
    Could the vehicle be "jammed" into having an accident?
    I would think that the software engineers would design the system so it would disengage cruise under such conditions (ie unexpected data or gibberish), so the worst that would happen would be the equivalent of tapping your brake pedal to disengage cruise.
    Has anyone who runs an jammer and encountered LCC ever seen anything out of the ordinary?

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    Default Re: Jammers & Laser Cruise Control

    An LCC will never speed up faster than its set speed, so you aren't going to see an LCC-equipped vehicle suddenly "floor" itself when it sees your jammer.

    Also, LCCs use a different algorithm than a lidar gun since they're used in moving traffic. Instead of measuring the speed of the car in front of them, it measures the distance repeatedly and adjusts your speed to maintain a safe distance. Jammers don't jam every distance reading from the gun, just enough of them for them to prevent getting an accurate speed reading, causing the gun's error handling to refuse to display a speed. An LCC will likely ignore single false distance readings caused by a jammer.

    I suppose a worst case scenario is if the jammer fools the LCC into thinking a collision is imminent, but even then the LCC just pressurizes the brakes in preparation for the driver to make a panic stop. The LCC doesn't initiate the stop itself.
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    Default Re: Jammers & Laser Cruise Control

    I have an experience with LCC of the infinity, and the LPP. The LPP falses the triple beep but the LCC always functioned OK.
    If the LCC failed on this car i would have gotten a phone call, but I didn't so you can rest assure LCC is LPP proof... Can't say about other jammers on Infinity.



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