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Thread: Laser Mask?

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    Yeah, an M27 would be quite sufficient on that front end. However, it was the older M25 that was tested at the last GOL. The M27 is a very significant improvement. Category4 has probably tested them more extensively than anyone else on the forum, so he would know.

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    Category4, do you have any recorded tests with your F-150? All JTG's?
    I assume my ford ranger would perform a bit better with the blinder, since its sizeably smaller.
    Is the blinder m-27 good enough where i wouldn't have to VEIL the headlights? I think the extra $100 for veil would put me over my target budget.
    I would cover the license plate with a laser cover of course.

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    [ame=]YouTube - Blinder M27 on a F150 and Accord[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Blinder M27 on a F-150[/ame]

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    Yea but the Laser Mask comes with a Zorro mask. Dual protection against Lidar AND speed-cams...

    Just say you loaned your car to a Mexican with a sword and you're golden...

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    alright that does it I'm convinced, next high $ purchase will be m27 for me

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    The M27 should be fine on your truck. It's a small black target area. Veil will always help, but I would not even consider it until I installed it and then did some testing.
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    Greetings All!,

    It has been a long while so, here I am with a problem.

    A few years back I purchased a LASER MASK from an ebay distributor in a sealed box for the purpose of having a spare in case i get another car or, If my m20 BLINDER takes a dump - WHICH IT DID!

    I installed the "MASK" and made the proper and TESTED connections and found unit, brand new in box was DEAD !All connections were checked and re-checked (voltage, etc.) and NOTHING.

    Anyone know if this company is in business?...I surmise that they will NOT stand behind their product and I did read someplace that the company is "CRAPOLA" and a few other choice names......

    Yes, I realize this post is old but, I didn't want to start up a new post - "YET"......I did see a post/video on u-tube where ROY did a product review some time ago with/for/on Laser Mask.


    **In regards to my BLINDER, UPDATE-
    I found that the "brain" is good.

    I swapped pieces with my known good "setup" and found heads bad....So, now I need a set of M20 Blinder heads - Anyone have any?

    ANY assistance will be appreciated.
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