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    Default what sort of tricks do lidar guns use to confound jammers?

    I know one model (atlanta laser speedlaser) has a stealth mode where it transmits just 2 out of seven pulses (knowing jammers require more than one period to get a decent measure of pulse rate. sneaky!) What other tricks are employed ?

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    Default Re: what sort of tricks do lidar guns use to confound jammers?

    stop watch mode on stalker lz1,my La atlanta has stop watch mode.
    In stop watch mode it isn't sending out any radar, it is acting as a VASAR unit. Time/Distance Speed
    A watch with a second hand or a timer would work the same way.
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    Default Re: what sort of tricks do lidar guns use to confound jammers?

    The stealth mode only worked until Jammer companies learned about it. It's otherwise the easiest "mode" to jam.

    Some guns used overseas use variable pulse rates, but many jammer companies seemed to have figured out how to beat that too.

    The Stalker puts out a lot of power and can overpower weak jammers in close.

    LTI seems to have done a good job with their optics. (Only shoots/looks for light in a very tight point of aim.

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    Default Re: what sort of tricks do lidar guns use to confound jammers?

    Modern jammers work by being able to predict the next pulse from the gun within a number of nanoseconds. To try and confound jammers, some guns will "shift" the pulsetrain periodically if they detect jamming. If the timing for jamming pulses was calculated before the shift, pulses transmitted after the shift will fall outside of the time window to be accepted by the gun. To successfully jam a gun that employs this method, it must try and "follow" the shifting.

    Some guns will send "keyed" pulses, for example X number of pulses every Y number of pulses may have a higher amplitude than the other pulses. Using this method, the gun can examine a series of received pulses and attempt to identify which are it's own. In this case, a jammer must employ similar methods so that the jamming pulses are accpeted by the gun.

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    Default Re: what sort of tricks do lidar guns use to confound jammers?

    OP: some of the guns have a jam detect feature, but those don't work very well.



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