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    Default Maybe a weird question about Atlanta speedlaser B

    First time I have seen OPP with this gun was today. My LI's duals picked up this gun fine but I don't recall guys of lidar testing against this version of Atlanta speedlaser. This guns claims that it is so fast that it gets a speed before jammers have time to react. Cliff put my mind at ease am I protected against this threat? Is have heard some unreal claims by lidar companies is this another false claim? I'm thinking it is false I just want to confirm.

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    Default Re: Maybe a weird question about Atlanta speedlaser B

    Email sent.

    Cliff - LI-USA/LI-Canada/LI-UK/LI-SA

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    Default Re: Maybe a weird question about Atlanta speedlaser B

    All the Laser Atlanta are the same I believe, just a different case.

    You have nothing to worry about from a Laser Atlanta if you have LI's.

    My R model is no match for the LI at all. I consider it the easiest gun to jam.
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