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    Default New car -new jammer (blinder or alg9)


    I trade my old car to a new jeep compass

    I have a pair of blinder m27 and 2 head alg9

    Wich is better to put in front and rear

    Here in chile the laser gun in use are:

    Prolaser III 90%

    Trafipatrol xr 8%

    Truspeed 2 %

    any suggestion


    andres fron Chile

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    Default Re: New car -new jammer (blinder or alg9)

    I would put the m27 up front and put the alg9 in the rear as it can cover more real estate more easily

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    Default Re: New car -new jammer (blinder or alg9)

    I tend to agree, but it's a tough call. Obviously, the AL is the stronger jammer. And the rear is harder to protect than the front. Consequently, it stands to reason that the rear should get the stronger jammer.

    However, you also have to take into consideration what the threat of rear encounters is in your area. If it is very rare there, then I'd put the AL up front to do the most work, and the M27 on the rear. Then I'd add two more heads to the rear Blinder as soon as you can for full coverage.

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    Default Re: New car -new jammer (blinder or alg9)



    Here jammer are not ilegal, i dont care about the jamming code of trafipatrol


    here is very rare rear enconter. I know only one place in all the contry.

    I.m going to install the alg9 in front.

    I know the plIII is easy to jam, and is the most popular laser gun here


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    Default Re: New car -new jammer (blinder or alg9)

    I highly recommend the Blinder, it's a great jammer.

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    Default Re: New car -new jammer (blinder or alg9)

    I think you could go either way. With the PL3 both will cover the front. Whichever would be easier to install is the way I would go.
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