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    Default Viper 5901 + Laser Jammer heads?

    I guess before I spend 1,000+ on a Laser Jammer, I'd like to know if there is a way from preventing thieves from stealing the heads =_=.

    Those of you who own these badass laser jammers, do you have any problems with thieves?

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    Default Re: Viper 5901 + Laser Jammer heads?

    Never even once heard of anyone getting heads stolen. Nobody knows what they are to even think of stealing them. And those that know what they are know that they are worthless without the control module.

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    Default Re: Viper 5901 + Laser Jammer heads?

    We too have never had a report of anyone ever having their sensors either stolen or vandalized.


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    Default Re: Viper 5901 + Laser Jammer heads?

    I can't say nobody will mess with your car. Most of the time, if they see something on the outside, they won't take it. Other things suchs as a GPS, loose change, radar detector mounted by the dash, etc, if left out in plain sight, they will steal that. If they know what it is, they might do something..but unless you're an electronics junkie, you would think its part of the car.

    I live in an OK neighborhood, cars do get stolen, vandalized, but I've had my Sirius magnetic antennae on the outside of my trunk for 5 years. Left the car parked outside on the street all the time. Never been messed with.
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    Default Re: Viper 5901 + Laser Jammer heads?

    And in order to steal a head they would have to cut the wires, so then would have to have a control module and then make up a new connection etc. I guess only another jammer user would steal heads.

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    Default Re: Viper 5901 + Laser Jammer heads?

    Hmm. I guess I"ll just install the Viper 5901 in a normal fashion.

    I have one of these 1999 Camry xle's
    (googled for the pic)

    I'm not sure if I'm going to go with Blinder or LI yet.

    The grill area is a bit small and I will probably have trouble getting the heads to fit



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