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    Default Intermittent Jammer functioning

    I've just re-intalled my LPP jammer with Cheetah wireless kit in my current car (Subaru). It worked flawlessly in my old Acura.

    I added a second jammer head. That's the only difference. Well, two differences. The extra head and the new car.

    Initially it worked judging by the functioning of the parking sensor, and detection of a passing Infiniti.

    Then, later the same day, it didn't work. As if it was dead. Checking under the hood, no life in the led.

    Next day, start up, and all is good. Later the same day, Jammer dead again.

    Third day, today, jammer good.

    I'm predicting it won't be working on the drive home.

    My one idea was maybe the car voltage is inconsistent, with the alternator maybe not putting out sufficient voltage the longer I drive. I'm guessing the Cheetah needs to see a certain voltage before recognizing the car's running.

    This morning I measured 13 volts across the battery, and after starting the car 14.1.
    (When the jammer worked).

    Any ideas, cause laser tag season is now in full swing here in Calgary.
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    Default Re: Intermittent Jammer functioning

    Hard wire it!!!
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