This encounter was in the civic with a m27 single head about 5 inches away from the drivers headlight, with no front plate.

Soo i'm travelling along the highway going +20 (60 mph) in the fast lane with no cars around me at 9pm at night, i round a slight bend and right after the road straightens out. I get a Laser alert from the v1 and jammer, and jam the brakes down to 60 while looking for the cop. 1-2 seconds go by while I look and he continues to fire at me. I finally pick up a glimpse of the car parked on the fast lane shoulder shooting from under a bridge and shut off the jammer, and the v1 is still going off.

I'm thinking i got pretty lucky and that the conditions worked in my favor.

A. cop was firing from a dead straight on shot. about 2000 ft ish.
B. He's maybe a horrible shot.

Anyway i need to scrounge up monies to get a replacement head incase luck isn't on my side.

Cliff notes - laser hit at +20 over PSL, 'saved' by single head m27 in vacuum like conditions.

Location - Euless,TX 183 East bound. Dunno what gun....