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    Default Disillusionised with LEOs

    Okay so maybe I was naive. It was just last week that I stopped and filled out witness report for a LEO after witnessing a drunk driver hit his car. I could have simply moved on as if nothing had ever happened. Prior to yesterday I'd always acknowledge and even defend law enforcement and law enforcement officers. It's been a rough night for me after my day in court and I've come to realize just how silly my views have been.

    I'm ready for a laser jammer and if I can afford it I'm planning on buying one soon. I live the greater Phoenix area. If anyone has any real world experience with these devices in Phoenix please let me what make and model I should buy along with any suggestions on the best place to purchase one.

    P.S. I guess it really is us against them

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    Thanks Snoop!

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    Sadly, if you help out & be a witness, you are viewed as no better than the perp by many LEOS. If it is an unsolved crime you witnessed, you are the prime suspect until eliminated. Sometimes it is better to MYOB.



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