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    Default looking into jammers

    i have been looking into jammers for my 2009 hyundai elantra and i cant decide between the m27 or the LI i read that the LI are better on certain things mainly the larger cars so i was thinking that the m27 would work for my car it has a small looking front dark blue with a small grill and it has fog lights also i saw the guys of lidar review cart many times but that was from 3 years ago so i think the m27 has been stepped up since that test was done was wondering what you guys think about it for my car ill post a picture of my car i need some advice on the placement too, the picture is before i put the front license plate on
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    Default Re: looking into jammers

    The current Blinders are definitely great performers. However, their Achilles heel seems to be off-axis protection. And with a car with huge wraparound headlights like yours, that becomes an important factor to consider. Consequently, I would recommend the LI for this car.

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