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    Default technical question - a poll

    Just a quick poll question for those out there who are technically minded

    How wide do you think (Using ms, uS, or ns) are the pulses coming from your typical LIDAR gun.

    How wide do you think the pulses are coming from the jammer?.

    Please discuss!

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    Default Re: technical question - a poll

    Heck I always thought this stuff was based on magic!!!
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    Default Re: technical question - a poll

    I was actually wondering something similar this morning. How big of a "shield" does a jammer make per head at say 10ft, 50ft, 100ft etc...

    Anyone know what viewing angle the led's are on the blinders (30 deg)? I'm not too familiar with the type of diodes used on the LI but I'm sure it has something similar we can do some math with. Then we can figure out how much the pulses spread for every "X" feet they travel.

    The reason I was interested is because the "shield" will be much smaller at closer ranges which can explain why it's easier to get punch troughs in close proximity.
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    Default Re: technical question - a poll

    I'll just throw a random number out there and say...umm....3 ns?

    Is this a "I already know the answer, just want to see what you think the answer is" thread?

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    Default Re: technical question - a poll

    approx 20 ns wide, a hundred or so per second, would guess the jammer is about the same but I'm not sure



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