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Thread: Another LI save

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    Friday night 8-19-2010 the place: Austin TX
    the Street: FM 2222 1mile from Hwy 360 Eastbound
    Two of Austin's finest: using Laser both direction I was hit from the front first, and then again I got it in the behind. LI saved me with both encounters 15mph above posted speed limit. There is a bend in this part of the road that has a large Oriental type house the police use it to ticket unsuspecting drivers the speed there changes from 45 to 35 to 25 very quickly with one sign every 600 or 700 feet. This house I was told is some type of art gallery or something. The location and type of road makes it hard to see officer before they see you as your headlight at night give you away; before you can see them. The road is uphill and curvy. And yes I turned off jammer and slowed down after first 8sec and then after about 2 sec on second hit as I was at posted speed. If your in town watch this area.

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    Great saves. Sounds like Fritter and Co. got owned.

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    What a bunch of predators. It should be a federal offense for a cop to display a badge during a traffic stop because that's how THEY usually get away with breaking the same laws they gleefully stick the rest of us with.

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    Nice save.

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    Nice save and proper usage of your LI



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