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    Default Cincinnati and Columbus area test meeting?

    My new version LI is coming in this week and I'd love to do some testing on it at some point if we can find a gun. Anyone else in the Ohio area that wants to do some testing?

    I'm in Cincinnati but don't mind driving to Columbus or anywhere within an hour or hour and a half. If anyone locally has a gun that would be awesome, but if we get a few people together we can always pitch in and rent a few from SurfDaddy. Most of the laser I see around here is the TruSpeed and the LTI 20/20, so those would be high on the priority list.

    Anyone interested?

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    Default Re: Cincinnati and Columbus area test meeting?

    I have a PL2, but Columbus is more like 2.5 hours for me and I'd rather not drive that far just for testing.

    Some point in the future I will probably be driving down to the Columbus or Dayton area, but it will be to get a new dog (puppy), which would make testing more than a little bit difficult.



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