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    Default Display interface for Mercedes Benz

    One of my customers recently acquired a MB SL-63. Naturally he's keen to fit it with some serious countermeasures.

    I'm happy to oblige, but he's reluctant to add any sort of display to the instrument panel.
    So I looked up this company called Mid-City Engineering, located in Chicago.
    They've engineered an interface that allows a certain laser shifter to display status and alerts through the factory text display in the instrument cluster.
    Also on offer is an interface to display V1 info in the instrument cluster.

    Has anyone here had any experience with Mid-City's products & services?
    Good stuff or buggy & troublesome?
    I'm in Hong Kong, so it really pays to do a LOT of research before ordering products with which I have no first-hand experience.

    I look forward to the insights of the forum members.

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    Default Re: Display interface for Mercedes Benz

    If using LI, he could just hook up the audio output to the MB factory radio/COMAND console. ( for take apart instructions)

    Apart from that, I'm salivating at some of that stuff they are offering.See that speedo shot with Laser Alert written across it!!!



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