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    Default What determines how effective a laser jammer is?

    I'm curious as to how and why one brand of jammer really is superior to another brand? If I had to go with one guess it would be the CPU power of the unit. This is what really decides on how to jam a laser signal it receives right?

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    Default Re: What determines how effective a laser jammer is?

    Man, there are so many factors that it could be discussed forever. However, speaking only of the unit itself, disregarding all the variations in installation quality, vehicle profile, driver habits, etc... it comes down to two key factors:

    Output - The higher the IR light output (brightness), the better it is going to be. This is why jammers utilising actual laser diodes hold an incredible advantage over those using LEDs. But power isn't everything. The device has to be using that power intelligently, which brings us to...

    Software - The CPU or heads have to be controlled by software that quickly and competently identifies the threat, and tailors the output response appropriately. If it does not immediately recognise the threat, or fires back an inappropriate response, then it's like having no jammer at all.

    There are only two jammers out utilising actual laser diodes that also feature competent software. Those are the Laser Interceptor and the AntiLaser (Europe). There is only one LED based jammer out there with competent software, which can somewhat compensate for the low power output, and that is the Blinder. And yes, the price difference between diode and LED is very, very much worth it. It represents the difference between "you'll probably be okay" and "you WILL be okay". The extra power of the laser diode jammers provide much greater coverage, especially on larger vehicles, vehicles with wraparound headlights, or vehicles with limited mounting options.

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    Default Re: What determines how effective a laser jammer is?

    Dont forget about detection - if you can't detect the Lidar pulses, you can't jam them.

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    Default Re: What determines how effective a laser jammer is?

    I agree that installation plays a major role in jammers' effectiveness.



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