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    Default Installer in chicago area?

    does anyone know of a place that installs a laser jammer and can test it? Im looking to get the LI dual. because there are a lot of cops now using LIDAR, my V1 alerts me to it but i know its too late.

    Im willing to drive up north to WI or IN. Thanks

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    Default Re: Installer in chicago area?

    suggest you mount the heads yourself. Let the any pimp your ride shop route the wires and install the CPU/power switch. Intall shops suck at mounting the heads. Better yet do it all yourself.

    Post pictures for suggestions on mounting locations. Remember heads up near the headlights, do not obscure the heads by recessing and-or behind the grill, level and pointed straight ahead.

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    Default Re: Installer in chicago area?

    Mounting suggestions please?

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    Default Re: Installer in chicago area?

    I couldnt find a better full front picture. Is there an instruction manual on the LI 8? thank you.

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    Here is my recommended installation location for your GT:

    Yes, the LI comes with general instructions for installation but every install is different. Email me and I will gladly recommend installers for you or help talk you though your own install.


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    Default Re: Installer in chicago area?

    Captain Install in Milwaukee has done most of my install. A forum member here helped me with my LIs though. As for testing, I hope to get a LIDAR gun at the end of the year and will probably schedule a meet sometime in March, or if I get the gun, we can meet up before then just to do some testing.



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