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    Default Yet another where to mount question.

    I'm planning on a jammer purchase real soon now (as soon as they get the next gen stuff out the door, and it better be soon), so I figure I'll jump the gun and ask you guys where to plan for mounting.

    This isn't my car, but it's almost exactly the same (color, bodykit, and all).

    I think my main trouble zones are my headlights. I want to veil them, but I have HIDs with the little windshield wiper things that automatically run everytime I use my wipers, which I assume will rub the veil off pretty quickly. I'm not running a front plate (even though I should), so that takes off a target area. Possible mounting positions are anywhere in the black grilles, but I'll probably have to cut openings in the grilles for the jammers, as they have pretty thick bars.

    I'm betting that for a single head unit I should go for right under the volvo shield area, and that for a dual I should put them in the lower side vents. Any thoughts?

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    Front grill near the Volvo badge is a good location.
    We will show the Defender2 mounted on some popular European cars including BMW E46,New BMW E50,VW etc to give you an idea on the best places to mount the heads.
    All our customers will take pictures of their installs as well so we can post on the forum and also to advise if the install looks correct.
    Shame your not in the UK as we are offering free set up tests to all our customers.

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    The Anti-Laser, center grill would be great!!!!!

    For the S70 put an iPd sport mesh grill(black) and the AntiLaser again for that ride

    Also do NOT forget VEIL!!!

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