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    Default Black Car clarification

    I've read a couple of posts where the option was to get a laser jammer or black car.
    Can someone please enlighten me. I know black absorbs light, but is it really that effective giving clear coats and waxing?

    I already have a black car, convertible which is barely over my hip high, except for the windshield which has a very sharp angle.

    Honestly I've had RMR products which are pretty hammered up here, (I've got zero tickets, but could be just luck and listening to the detector when it went off) and based on the info here will be getting the LI or Blinder product very soon for my SRT8 since it is pretty blocky and honestly the demo was very impressive and proof for me it worked on a challenger.

    Does this also work for any dark colors?

    But anyway, since its has a low profile and nothing to really catch on the nose, is a LI system even needed?

    thank you

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    go with a Li
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    Default Re: Black Car clarification

    Color was more of a factor back in the days of LED jammers. I could own that car all day long off the headlights. Get a LI if you want protection.

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    Default Re: Black Car clarification

    Wow, I was never a big Camaro fan, but I like that one! Very sweet!

    The good news is, that profile should be relatively easy to protect. The bad news is that it looks like your placement options are severely limited. But the grille offers a good option there that won't require any cutting or hassle.

    As Won Hunglo said -- and as covered in the FAQ in my signature -- colour really isn't relevant if you have a competent jammer. And if you don't have a competent jammer, it wouldn't matter how black your car was. We can get a reading of the back of a jogger wearing a black sweatshirt at half a mile. Every little bit helps, of course. So you do want to consider colour, lights, chrome, etc... in the overall equation to maximise your stealth. But again, without a jammer, you're toast no matter what you drive.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Black Car clarification

    Color helps a jammer, but does not replace a jammer. While black cars may be harder to get a lock on they are far from impossible to do so.

    There is another thread here about color in which Jimbonzzz tells it's not necessarily the color as much as the pigments. Even some black paints have IR reflecting pigments which make the lidar's job easy.
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    Default Re: Black Car clarification

    If you had RMR products and never got a ticket with them, consider yourself very lucky.

    A black car will help a "little" when it comes to laser, but that is about it. I can get a distance reading from my Lidar gun off a wooden telephone pole, or a thin flag pole, even dirt. A dark car might assist a weak jammer, but just a plain black car with no other countermeasures = fail. Get a really good jammer (LI) and get your setup tested.

    And stay away from RMR... for your own good!

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    Default Re: Black Car clarification

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