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    Default Kustom Pro Laser I vs Kustom Pro Laser II

    Does anyone know if there are any significant differences? I've tried finding the manuals on the PL I but I can't find anything online. The PL2 is supposedly a harder gun to jam due to the optics, is the PL I the same? My guy instinct is there different but since I can't find any manuals on the PL I, I figured someone here would know.

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    Default Re: Kustom Pro Laser I vs Kustom Pro Laser II

    The PL1 is a stone-age lidar that runs on vacuum tubes. Well, not quite but even though it looks like the PL2 its internals are quite different. Its PPS rate is different too, and I bet most jammers don't even recognize it. But it's a moot point since you can pretty much jam it with a flashlight.

    It's not IACP approved so no one uses them for citations anymore. If by some off chance you ran into some podunk PD using them, you could outbrake it simply because it takes several seconds to lock in a speed.

    If you're looking at one on that auction site, don't bother. Get the PL2 instead.

    BTW, the PL2 was made by Laser Atlanta. I don't know who made the PL1.
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    Default Re: Kustom Pro Laser I vs Kustom Pro Laser II

    P2 is the hardest out of all of them to jam if my memory is correct. I am sure you are going to get the pros from the board with a more definitive answer. I am much more knowledgeable about the law
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    Default Re: Kustom Pro Laser I vs Kustom Pro Laser II

    the PL lidar gun was made back in 1992
    or 1994 not going to say the name.PM me and I give you full detail



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