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    Default mount all 3 laser modules in front??(laserpro905 or zr3)

    both have 3 laser-2 fronts and 1 rear. ive heard that mounting all 3 and leaving the rear without one sounded like a smart idea? any comments would be helpful.
    rarely do i get hit in rear but 99.9 in the front but its probably smart leaving it the way its suppose to be. 2 frontals and 1 rear. thanx dan

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    If I was going to install a ZR3 on a small black car like a Porsche 911 that has a small rear I might put the rear jammer head on the back. Other than that it doesn't really do any good.

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    Not sure what you drive but i think it will work much better with all three on front. especially given that 99.9 hits are to the front where you are, you want the most protection possible, especially if you have a front plate.

    Now given your .1 concern of a rear hit, if it's an option i would look at either adding another zr3 to the rear, ot maybe a Blinder M-20.

    if you just want something for the rear plate, maybe see if you can get another plate head, and use a splitter like they do for the front.

    just some suggestions/options. good luck either way.



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