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    Default NEwbie laser jammer question about inside

    Isn't a laser jammer just a box filled with ir diodes flashing, to overpower a lidar gun beam from getting a reading? Am i missing something inside a laser jammer?

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    Default Re: NEwbie laser jammer question about inside

    What you describe sounds like a "brute force" jammer that sends out thousands of pulses per second to confuse lidar guns. While effective, this isn't the best way to do it, since it'll trigger jam codes on most guns, plus the diodes will wear out faster.

    Intelligent jammers like the Blinder and LI have algorithms specific to each gun, plus a generic algorithm for unrecognized guns. Instead of trying to "overpower" the gun (which is quite difficult), it sends out jamming pulses just ahead of the gun's real reflected pulses, in order to cause erratic distance readings, thus making it impossible to get a speed reading that passes the gun's error checking. The heads contain an IR receiver (to detect incoming lidar pulses) and either a laser diode or a bank of IR LEDs to output the jamming pulses. The CPU box contains the "brains" that control the heads, plus it generates the alerts for the driver. Depending on the design of the jammer, the heads may contain microcontrollers as well to allow for more precise jammer pulse timing.
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