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    Default Getting a Grand Marquis, Which Jammer and where to mount it?

    Hi guys,

    I am picking up a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis later this week, and after getting a Laser ticket earlier this year, I have decided I need a Jammer in addition to my V1.

    My question is, what to buy and where should I mount it? I was told they targeted my front plate last time. (Front plates are required in IL)

    I know AL and some other one have been "coming out" for over a year, but still havent seen them or any testing, shoudl I buy now? if so which unit. and if I should wait, which unit then?

    Where do I mount the heads?


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    I'd probably grab a black Crown Vic police car grille to cut down on the reflectivity.

    I like the AL.



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