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    On my ticket the cop wrote down Laser PL 10 and fork# 519 what does that mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ms121269
    On my ticket the cop wrote down Laser PL 10 and fork# 519 what does that mean?
    I would guess a Kustom ProLaser, maybe the #10 unit owned by that department.

    However, I have no clue about the fork. Tuning forks are used to verify the calibration of radar, not laser.


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    Heh. Maybe you can get him to admit in court that he thinks a tuning fork is used to calibrate a laser, then hand his rear-end to him on account of ineptitude. Probably much too good to be true.

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    That would be nice. I am going back this wekend to get measurements and photos. My wife and I both think she, the cop had to get us at a very long range or at a sharp angle because we were traveling in the insdie lane farthest from her and for most of the time there were two cars to our left between us and the cop and three in front of us a few hundred feet. She was sitting in her car atleast 100 feet from the shoulder of the divided 4 lane. On my laser range/speed finder I have to be pretty well straight on to get a good reading. Any chance that could help and also do they not usaully put down their distance they got my speed at? Next week I am going to call the PA and see if he will change it to a non points violation, I have had htem do this twice before w/o even going in to court, all they can do is say no.

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    The farther they are away from the line of travel, the slower it will show your speed to be (cosine error) - so being far away, works in your favor, not theirs.





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