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    Default Jammers in Illinois

    I'm going to be driving to Kansas city from Ohio next fall and will probably pass through Illinois on the way there. By that time I hope to have laser jammers installed and I checked up on the laws on the states I would be driving through.

    Does Illinois actually confiscate your jammers if you get caught with them? Or is that only if you really piss them off? I don't want to have to go to court two states over to get my jammers back if I would happen to get caught with them.

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    Default Re: Jammers in Illinois

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    Default Re: Jammers in Illinois

    I've heard that most LEO will just give you a verbal warning if you are from out of state, but in the end it all just depends on the LEO and what kind of mood he is in that day

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    Default Re: Jammers in Illinois

    There's a hotspot on I-55 near Gillespie. There is a Trooper Headquarters right off the highway. They love running traps about 10 miles up and down from there. It's a mix of Lidar/Radar/Vascar(plane). I have been hit multiple times with lidar over the years and I jam them and then turn off the jammers. Never been pulled over. I have Missouri plates. As long as they get a reading you're golden.



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