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    Default Most versatile shifter-system for my needs

    I have a Blinder M20 and an Escort ZR3, neither which are currently being used. At this point in time, it seems that neither are a good choice for the laser that I face on a daily basis. On a daily basis, there are Jeeps with LIDAR and cameras, although I do not know what type they use. Historically, tripod mounted Stalker LZ-1 or whatever it is called has been used, although less so today than a few years ago. From the front, most of my detectors give substantial warnings to the speed-jeeps as the light beam gets rather wide due to the areas of use being relatively straight and having level elevation. Either way, they are becoming more prevalent and at the current rate it is becoming harder to see them beforehand.

    I liked both the ZR3 and Blinder M20 in their day, but most of what I have read suggests that they are relatively poor performers by today's standards. It seems that guys here really like the Laser Interceptor Gen 8 above almost everything else, and the videos here show it to be an impressive performer. I plan to mount on both the rear and the front. For a minivan that I have, I plan on 2-3 in the front, and 1 in the back. For my fun car, which is a relatively small 2 seater, I plan to do 2 in the front and 1 in the rear. Whatever I buy I would like to get the same maker for the purpose of consistency and simplification in operation.

    If the LI is as much better than everything else, as the videos here and reviews make it seem, it makes a strong argument for purchasing the LI. Looking at the current LI (and Blinder) models, I was surprised to see how many different things are available (ex: the LI Dual versus the LI High Power Dual). This confuses me on which one may be the best for my use, especially as the LI Dual with a third sensor would cost me about $800, where as a 4 sensor LI High Power Quad would run 2 grand. I'm not against spending more money if the benefit justifies the cost, but I have been unable to gather how much better the High Power Dual is from the Dual, given both seem to work well. With a goofy shape like a minivan, would one be far more ideal than the other? Would another brand be better for this? Any other thoughts?

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    Default Re: Most versatile shifter-system for my needs

    If it's just a minivan, a Laser Interceptor standard power dual will be more than sufficient for your needs. If you do not mind spending more money, purchase a standard power quad LI and protect your rear end too.
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    Default Re: Most versatile shifter-system for my needs

    Take note that -- as mentioned in the FAQ -- the rear is HARDER to protect, not easier. Your rear takes at least as many heads as your front, or don't even bother.

    As to how many heads are enough, "mini van" and "two seater" are not sufficient information for us to determine your needs. It's not the size of the car that matters. It is the mounting options on that vehicle that matter. Without a full frontal pic of YOUR vehicle, we can't tell that.

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