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    Question Need Help trying to buy an Ultralyte

    I've been itching to buy an Ultralyte LRB(or if they are available, the TruSpeed S), I figure I could test other peoples setups in my area as well as have a little fun with it. Not to mention im sure the resale value of them don't go down very much so it would be a pretty good investment.

    My only problem is... where the hell do I buy one?

    I'm located in Canada which from my standpoint shouldn't be a problem. I have looked on ebay and couldn't find one.

    I found on the bottom of this page they sell used one's:

    But doubt they will sell to a civilian. Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, anyone know the going price for either of the guns are(including the TruSpeed S)?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Need Help trying to buy an Ultralyte


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    Default Re: Need Help trying to buy an Ultralyte

    Quote Originally Posted by Won Hunglo View Post
    X2 be ready to fork out allot of $$$ for one.
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