So as I was sitting behind a large pick-up truck I noticed one of those after market plate mounted rear view camera. I'm sure most of you know what those look like, little black strip that uses the two upper (or lower I suppose) mounting bolts and has a little camera in the middle. This specific one even looked like it had those little low light LEDs for better night vision along side the camera.

My thinking is why hasn't s conpany like LI come up with a single rear head integrated into something that looks like this at it simplest design or possibly still utilizing a rear facing camera to further enhance the stealth of the unit? Or has this already been done?

I'm in the market for a dual head kit for the front (will likely go with the LI system) but if a third head for the rear like this was available I would certainly go for that as well. Otherwise trying to mount a regular rear facing head in a similar manner would surely look obvious to the LEO who just happened to pull behind you in traffic.
What are your thoughts on this?