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    Default Interesting video about jammers in the UK.

    The Police in Devon (UK) claim that they have trained their officers to be able to detect when a jammer is in use against their LIDAR units...

    Having watched the clip, it looks to me that the driver of the car JFGed the laser operator and that would make it easy to notice alright but they did claim that they had other means to defeat the jammers as well. One way was by using the white lines on the road to measure the speed of the car but it sounded like they had other ways.

    Better start practising your JTK if you're in the UK it seems .

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    Default Re: Interesting video about jammers in the UK.

    Interesting...what would the queen say?

    I bet I have been to GB 2 dozen times and not seen that quantity of police HW anywhere. That was quite a RV show.

    Typical nanny state I guess. With all the cameras, they can likely do time-distance calculations on most things moving. They need to deploy those assets to suppress their nutty immigrants rather than suffer some poor gent in his Jag... I mean, you worked hard, made the cash in spite of horrific taxes and you want to let the big cat stretch a bit. Life is too short. My $.02

    It is exceedingly rare to see police on the road in England or Scotland. I cannot comment on Ireland. Best retire on Manx with no limits I suppose.



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