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    Default Hehe, First Save!!

    Got my first save tonight on the drive home!!! I am still all giddy and it happened like 10 minutes ago.

    I was driving home from school on a pretty open highway in my nice, silent car, going about 85 MPH. All of the sudden, while I'm about 1-2,000 feet from an overpass, I hear a high-pitched tone. First time the Blinders have gone off so it takes me a second before I realize this isn't a test and that I'm actually being shot with laser. Just as I come to this realization my 9500ix blows up with the laser alert confirming I've been hit! I jam on the brakes, get down to speed and flip the jammers off. As I pass under the overpass and look back at the on-ramp I see a cop car sitting all stealthy on the shoulder. At least trying it's darned hardest to be stealthy; it didn't get me!

    I guess there was one guy shooting from the overpass and one waiting! Although even if I didn't see a cop there's no such thing as a false laser alert. At least not in my low-tech car (no fancy electronics to interfere) and with no LED brake lights in front of me.

    I have to say, the 9500ix would have been totally worthless in this situation by it's self. It didn't even pop off until a second after my Blinders started to buzz. However, it was nice to get the confirmation from the detector. Helped me to trust my Blinders.

    I am very happy with my setup. The 9500ix does a fantastic job against K and Ka radar and the Blinders get the job done when it comes to laser (now I know!). Tonight takes $300 off the bill for this setup (not to mention insurance and hassle) and I've only had 'em for a month!

    Thanks to these forums I have learned everything I could want to know. I owe my awesome setup and the knowledge of how to use it to all of you folks on!!
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    Default Re: Hehe, First Save!!


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    Default Re: Hehe, First Save!!

    You'll always remember your first... Congrats!!

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    Default Re: Hehe, First Save!!

    Yeah, that's nice. I got tagged with my last ticket in just the same setup: cop shooting laser from overpass, another (4, actually) cars on on-ramp just pulling people over. The classic "wolf pack". It inspired me to get the Blinder M27 Xtreme jammers on my car. No hits yet, knock on wood.



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