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Thread: Laer tamers?

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    Default Laer tamers?

    Are we any further along yet? Every time I ask no one seems to know. I'm still waiting to fit my LI's. They've been sitting on the shelf for 6 months+ now.

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    It was first said they will be out before christmas but no word yet. But it should be very soon. Maybe the next month?

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    Default Re: Laer tamers?

    Paying it forward..................about 35 years ago, a very smart fellow told me something that I didn't fully appreciate at the time but I do understand and appreciate more and more as time passes. This is my turn to pass it on to you.

    "NEVER buy anything that is new to the market until it has been out for at least one year." This applies to a completely new design, not something that is incrementally new as in a new model car.

    Salespeople have an old saying that I find interesting: "It's easy to recognize a pioneer (someone who is introducing/selling a totally new product). He's the one with all the arrows in his back."

    I recommend that you go ahead and install the LIs and start benefitting from them.



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