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    Default Advice on Blinder versus Bel 905 Install for 350Z...


    I'm looking at a Blinder M40 for my Nissan 350Z, but I'm not sure how I would best install it in back.

    My car has a very smooth, rounded back panel, and the only place the Blinder could really cover both the license plate and the lights would be around the recess for the plate, where it would stick out like a sore thumb, even though my car is black. If I've done this right, there should be a stock photo of a Z's rear attached below to show what I mean...

    I'm thinking of having my rear panel cut at the top of the plate well to let the blinders stick through, but even then they wouldn't be flush, because of clearance behind the panel.

    If I lose my nerve on that option, I was thinking of going with the more flat-profile Beltronics Laserpro 905, which apparently hooks up with my other purchase, a Bel Sti Driver. Is it much inferior to the Blinder?

    What's my best option here? Feedback from the experts would be most welcome.

    P.S. - Has Veil overcome the "dirty headlight" problem? I have dual xenon projector headlights, and don't want to dull them if I don't have to...

    Pardon the million questions, and thanks in advance!

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