Just out of curiousity has anyone tested a setup attempting to do this in recent years? I'm talking take an old constant pulse, always on jammer which I think original Blinders were, and run it against modern guns in something like a modern 4 head setup.

What kind of power would you need to effectively chop the range of the radar gun doing this? I mean you can buy a bunch of cheap LEDs for next to nothing. I bought 40 or so for almost nothing. Even a Laser Diode isn't terribly expensive, but unlike LEDs you really can't run it constantly.

Now I've owned such jammers in the past. I'm just wondering if it can still be practically applied if one is unconcered about jam codes. Brute force pulsed jamming would theoretically protect against new guns to the market, but probably would throw jam codes. I mean logic applies here, if the gun can't see the car and is getting a random bunch of pulses back it wouldn't work, but you'd need a certain power threshold to do so.

This is all mere curiousity. I've got 30 or so LEDs laying around. Makes me wonder if I could conjure up something.