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    Default Huge Laser Ally Save

    Posted on another forum, but had to share here too, as this was one of my best saves to date...

    Driving home from a 3 hour business trip tonight, tired as hell and can barely wait to get home, I find myself averaging 40-50 km/h over PSL. Around 30 minutes from my city I'm doing 155 km/h in a 110. LI and V1 light up. I'm alerted a Laser Ally (first time I've been hit with an Ally). I slow down (took a few seconds) and JTK. Continue around 5 seconds and see a LEO sitting on the median shooting traffic. Just saved $284, 4 demerits, an insurance hike and a ruined evening.

    Although I don't typically drive this fast, I was passing large trucks and finally hit a straight away substantial enough to speed up a little bit. Another valid point to mention is that road conditions were dirty, as all of the snow from a large downfall had just cleared up and there was dirt everywhere. There was a TON of debris on my LI heads and they still performed magnificently once again.

    This is why I'm a huge LI advocate. Another save to chalk up to my countermeasure ROI

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    Default Re: Huge Laser Ally Save

    Nice so there's a new sherriff in town boys ... I hope everyone has an updated LI cpu.

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    Default Re: Huge Laser Ally Save

    Quote Originally Posted by spankyaf View Post
    Nice so there's a new sherriff in town boys ... I hope everyone has an updated LI cpu.
    Yikes I'm Gona have to call cliff and see my options on updating a 3 year old cpu.



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