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    I have an 07 Yukon Denali XL and have been considering putting on a quad Blinder 905 or LI. I would prefer to use a ZR4 to link with my 9500ix, but I believe it is not powerful enough for a vehicle this big. Do you guys have a recommendation for me? I'd like to put 2 heads in front and 2 in the rear.

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    Default Re: Recomendation for Yukon Denali

    I'm a strong believer in the Laser Interceptor (having owned and used LI units on my car and my wife's car for many years). The units are high quality, upgradeable, and most importantly, they work.. reliably! Customer service from Cliif at Laser Interceptor USA is top as well. Just my 2 cents..



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    You've got a vote for LI here as well - don't waste your money on a ZR4 (especially with such a large vehicle). You may want to think about a triple setup up front and 1 in the rear - you're probably going to be seeing a lot more action up front, so a PT there is much more important.

    Some testing, once its installed, will always help, of course-



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