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    Default Passive Lidar Defense, Projector Headlight Painting

    I have searched a lot about this, and am surprised to find so little information on this specific way of getting an extra little bit of driver response time from a lidar event. Sometimes I get hit from far away, and can slow down in time to have the lidar operator get my speed and move onto the next car behind me. I am not looking to make my car undetectable. I am just looking to minimize the surface area that is highly reflective to lidar.
    These are what my headlights look like stock.
    I can do a projector headlight setup such that my headlights would have ZERO chrome, instead painted silver/black, along with the rest of the front of the car having no chrome/reflective metal surfaces remaining. Unlike many of the teenagers out there now, I keep headlights setup with visibility, other-driver safety, and OEM low beam cutoff as a top priority. On my setup, that whole high beam reflector would be painted as well, since the low beams would be converted to typical low/high switching. The only suspect surface in the headlight would thus be the 2.5" projector lens, as far as I know.

    Is the projector lens itself highly reflective to lidar, or is it mostly the chrome or something else such as the plastic cover, bulb, etc?

    Thank your for your time.
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