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    Default Laser detectors in Virginia

    I live in the only state in the US that outlaws radar detectors - Virginia. However, does anyone know if:

    1) Va State Police use ground laser to detect speeders


    2) If answer to #1 is yes, are LASER detectors or laser jammers allowed in Virginia?


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    1. Yes but there is more radar.

    2. Not really but don't worry about it, the fine for a radar detector is something like 90$ and I expect laser jammer fines to be identical. And they don't even confiscate the unit. God bless America.

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    Don't worry about being caught with a laser jammer? Is that because there is no such thing as a laser jammer detector? I know the Va. troopers have radar detector detectors, which makes using a radar detector in VA not a very wise idea. But if the troopers can't detect a laser jammer, then your "don't worry" reply makes sense.

    Also, I found the "official" answer in the Commonwealth of VA. law book:

    46.2-1079. Radar detectors

    "A. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle on the highways of the Commonwealth when such vehicle is equipped with any device or mechanism, passive or active, to detect or purposefully interfere with or diminish the measurement capabilities of any radar, laser, or other device or mechanism employed by law-enforcement personnel to measure the speed of motor vehicles on the highways of the Commonwealth for law-enforcement purposes. It shall be unlawful to use any such device or mechanism on any such motor vehicle on the highways. It shall be unlawful to sell any such device or mechanism in the Commonwealth. However, provisions of this section shall not apply to any receiver of radio waves utilized for lawful purposes to receive any signal from a frequency lawfully licensed by any state or federal agency.

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    If you stick to high end radar detectors, the police will not be able to detect these detectors. These detectors include the V1, x50, RX65, and STI.

    Also you are correct, police dont have any equiptment to find laser jammers, except if the laser jammer sets off a jam code on the laser gun.

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    This topic has been discussed several times before. Click the search button and you will find all the info you need. Everything is illegal in VA, even Veil. Laser jammers are illegal and fall under the same law section as radar detectors.



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