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    Exclamation Yeah very pressing patent from digital ally

    Ok so I have a very concerning issue to post here
    I guess digital ally inc. has just posted a patent
    to start developing and selling moving mode lidar/laser
    units to officers nationwide. This is a huge concern
    especially considering many states/common wealths
    are currently developing legislation to ban the
    use of lidar/laser jamming devices. This all
    combined with the fact that even top of the line
    modern detectors are lucky today even to detect
    potential lidar/laser scatter is moot. This is even
    so for high end units such as max 2 or 360 redline v1
    or Radenso pro se, or even the new uniden lines. Thus,
    the information I'm about to share is very intense.

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Spectre II RDD Tuned by SMS Aulstralia, (2)VG2 RDD, Valentine One 3.893, Uniden LRD950 w/dfr7update, Escort Max 2, Escort 9500IX (Factory Freak), Escort X50 Black Red, Radenso Pro se, Marksman LTI 20-20 Lidar, Ultralyte 100lr lidar, 2 Pro-Laser iii, Z-25 mph K-band w/pop 16ms, mph python iii-x band, mph python ii-k band, kustom falcon k band, Stalker ATR 34.7ghz Ka mov/sta w/remote, Laser Atlanta, stalker lz1,
    Talon Ka 35.5GhzKa, Vascar IIIC, Vascar II Plus, Vascar Plus, Kustom Pro-1000 K-band w/K55 remote better i/o, (2)K55 X-Band's, Laser Interceptor Tri Head, Blinder M-20 Tri head, Cheetah C550 GPS with platinum trinity 3.0 databases, Little wil Wilson Ant, cobra 29ltd classic, Galaxy 959 W/RF Gain SSB, (2) pro520xl, (2) Pro510xl cb, Waze via iPhone se/note 4/or gal s5, GoPro 3+Dashcam, Canon EOS7D, 1080p watchcam for roadside evidence 16Gb, Lenovo laptop for mobile updating.

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    Default Re: Yeah very pressing patent from digital ally


    Very concerning, indeed.
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    Default Re: Yeah very pressing patent from digital ally

    Holy Crap!

    I predicted this would happen on this very forum over a decade ago. I knew it was only a matter of time until someone figured out how to make in work.



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