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    Default Front mounting position on 2004+ Grand Prix

    I have the sensors mounted behind the front grils. One on each side. Will this cause any problems with its jamming capabilities?

    I am also thinking about cutting out part of the grill and placing then a little further forward for a clearer view but i am wondering if this (which would be alot of workf) would even be neccisary.

    I also just purchased a Laser Shield license plate cover from

    Here is a picture of my car dso you can get an idea of where they are located.

    Any imput would be appriceated.....thx

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    Anytime you obstruct any portion of a laser jammer head, you will diminish the jammers ability to detect and jam Lidar. (Especially when the threat is elevated, at very long or very short ranges)

    I can't really quantify by how much your performance will drop, but you'll defiantly be giving the officer a advantage, perhaps a very significant one.

    Given the sophistication of many Lidar guns and the punch throughs they are able to achieve against perfect jammer installs, giving the officer a advantage is something you may not want to do.

    I'd either modiffy the grille (you can order a replacement grille to have when you need to return your car back to looking OEM) or look into mounting them under the front fender, between the headlamp and plate.

    Having the heads slightly exposed will give you better protection from elevated threats



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