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    Default Why so few comments on Bel Laser Pro 905?

    I have a Bel RX65. I want to add active Laser jamming to this.

    It seems to me that I should go with the Bel laser Pro 905, to match with the RX65.

    Is there any good reason why I should not do this? It does not appear that much is written about the 905 from the speedy drivers on this forum. Is the 905 crap?

    The Bel is cheaper than the Extreme M-40 (which I use as comparison because both models offer front and rear protection - I realize the M-40 offers more protection)

    How do the 905 work with the RX65? Do they communicate with each other, or connect via a cable? Does the Laser Pro add another unit that would sit on the dash inside the car?

    Does the 905 with one rear transceiver cover the rear of a Volvo stationwagon enough (plates and rear lights) to make it worthwhile?

    Sorry about all the questions, Bel could make this easier if they detailed how the units work together on their website, and how large an area the one rear transceiver covers.

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    A lot of people on here assume that it is has the same performance as the Escort Shifter ZR3, which wouldn't surprise me a bit...

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    well like Jim said the 905 is assumed the same to be the same as the Zr3, which is what I just installed yesterday.

    Well apperently after I checked on Roys site and looked at the Central hub there is no conection to the RX65 Which I find strange??

    About the Rear transeiver most people put it on the front with the other front transeivers, I would highly recommend this for some one who sees a lot of Ultralyte action!!

    You get a Display that has the speaker and LED all in one Display.

    No jammer is worth while alone!! You need Veil and a Laser sheild ( If you have a front plate).

    I like the Zr3 and I will be using it incombination with the V1!!

    Personally I dont like the RX 65!! but Thats my opinion!!

    But I would suggest the Zr3 or the Lidatek, You can get the Pro Prak of the UK Ebay if you really want it!!

    But you will need Veil and a LS no mater what!!!

    I hope this helps!!



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