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    Default LIDATEK LE-30 Canada??

    Has anybody tried using LIDATEK LE-30 in Canada. I'm thinking of ordereding one of these but like some feed back. I'm concerned that it's hardwired into the vehicle that if I do get caught the cop would take the car to impound.

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    It can't be detected by a Spectre or something like that, which is good. However if the cop just can't get a reading, of course this arouses suspicion. The Lidatek has a 5-second timer on it then it turns off, so usually this should avoid any issues. However, I would still turn off the jammer once I am at a legal speed if that happens before the timer goes out.

    My main issue with the Lidatek is that timer, as 5 seconds won't help you much if you get shot at 200 km/h. Mind you, I can decelerate from 165 km/h to 100 km/h in about 3,5 seconds according to my calculation of braking force so in normal driving it isn't that bad.

    If you are pulled over under suspicion of a radar detector perhaps it will show up in a search however.



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