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    Default Same jammers? Snooper SLD920X / SLD950X / Blinder M20X-TREME

    What is the difference between the Snooper SLD920X / SLD950X / Blinder M20X-TREME?
    I have been told that the Blinder and Snooper laser jammers is the same but under different names, is this true?

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    Hi Snooper was the brand name used by a company in the uk to market the Blinder range which it did very well,so the snooper 920x and the Blinder m20 x are the same thing(i used to not rate them however testing this summer changed my mind how Torben of Blinder/ Denmark can get his product to do what it does is beyond me(not hard!). antways dont be fooled the 950 is not made by the blinder compant and in my humble opinion is a piece of crap being sold on the back of an excellent product name that was built using blinders good product,so 920x good,m20x good,950 a waist of your hard earned cash.



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