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    Default a jammer

    if you get a laser jammer what is the point of slowing down if it just james there gun? I don't know anything about laser jammers and i was just wondering if yall could help me out. Thanks

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    because your not always going to get a JTG. if he gets punch through at 400 ft and your still going 15 over, your done. thats the whole point of getting a jammer, to be able to have time to slow down in the event of getting hit with laser, cuz there is no way your going to be able to slow down if you dont have one.

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    Not to mention that any experienced officer will have a pretty good idea of your speed. You don't want to raise suspicion. Trust me they can find reasons to stop you if they want. Best to just slow down and sneak on past. 8)

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    Because you do not want to pisss off an officer, let face it, they would get pretty mad if you go by at 20 over mocking him. Your going to be in a world of shyt. The point is the elude the officer and leave him guessing. Whats the point getting the equipment and giveing yourself away that you use a jammer, they are going to be all over you. Speeding is not the only ticket they can issue. :wink:

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    Well I will give you one reason to slow down cops will get suspicious and pull you over for speeding in general and worse maybe wreckless driving maybe even an a-hole cop might say odstruction of justice...

    In one of my recent experiences at close range to the cop with my jammer with in 3-4second of lidatek alerting he flipped on his radar

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