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    Default Anti-laser Laser Protector- is it good for this price?

    I'm over here just to find out a little info and I hope I'm posting in the right forum. I have a 2004 M3 with V1, and am looking to get a laser jammer. There is a group buy going Edited due to board rules, sorry. - stealthJamal and the highest price is $390 for the Laser Protector (price gets cheaper for 15 and 20 people). Is this a good deal? I have done a lot of research and it does seem like this is probably the best jammer out there.

    The GB ends after the Guys of Lidar test at the end of the month and I figure if it does well then my order is locked in before the backorder gets worse. If it blows then I can back out. According to them it's a "Win/win", I guess...

    What would you do? Will it get cheaper when it comes to the states? Much obliged.

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    For the USA use it's a great deal

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