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    Default Do both heads jam if only one detects laser????

    A couple of questions have been eating at me

    #1 If one head on a two head jammer detects laser, do both start jamming?

    #2 In a previous post by cyberblob this vid was shot:
    Is it feasible for Laser gun manufacturers to put the lens that this was shot through, onto their units, thereby showing the laser operator any vehicle fitted with a jammer while shooting at them?

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    LOL ok

    well first off Yes both jammers go off!

    and secondly Not likely....thats what you call a night shot from a sonyhandy cam which i believe is patented!! lol

    and its not pratical for day use!!! besides the officer wouldnt see ot until it was extreamly close up!! plus he is putting out a pulse too!! He would see some of his light from the hud!! Its not practical at all so I dont think you need to worry about it!!

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    That was a good question Fly, I wondered the same thing.

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    Actually it depends on the jammer.

    for instance the Blinder will NOT fire the other heads.

    only the heads receiving the signal will shoot back.

    on the ZR3, if one front head is shot, the other does fire too.

    somewhere buried here i have some vids on this.

    these are the only 2 jammers i have at the moment, so i can't answer on the others.

    sounds like another thing to test at GOL.

    As for the second question, Fords right on the money.
    i saw some very expensive video equipment in El Paso, and it was almost impossible to see anything during the day.

    especially with headlights on, since they blinded the camera practically.

    even with filtering lenses day use isn't practical.

    at this point i don't see any place spending the time and money to set up such an expensive rig, just to maybe catch a jammer in action.

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    How did Cyberblob trigger the unit to fire, did he have a police laser gun?



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