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    I had best buy install and i have the level they sent from bel and i have a bubble level. the one they sent has degrees on it but heres problem.
    in order for my bubble level to be in center the rear laser(put up front) need to come down 1/8 inch or less to be level in bubble but according to their supplied level, im only a few degrees (maybe 2) not 5 degrees like said not to more than 5 degrees off.
    and the front either need to move up or down a hair to be level on the bubble level or the one they sent which again says im ok right their within a degree or two? should i try to fix and trust the bubble(mine-pro) or the one they sent which shows the degrees.
    also im trying to tell if even going straight across laser head to tell if ok and level within the 5 degrees or less. all are 2 degrees or less on their level but in order to make my pro bubble level i need to make some adjustments to make level on that. i need a way to bring out the bottom part of the front plate so i can make the front level to the pro bubble level?
    as far as front-the blazer has most a level p-lace to mount anyways so its real close but not perfect level like on the pro bubble but on their level its only a degree off or so? please help on solutions thanx dan

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    What I normally do is take a measurement of the car's frame with a water level (in your case, I'd use both levels) to determine if the heads truly level.

    I do this because you really want the jammer heads to be level with your frame, not some theoretical plane is space. Your frame will be level to the road and this is what matters.

    If your jammer heads seem to be out of whack, even by a little, take the time to make them as perfect as possible, or better yet, take them back to where you had them installed and demand they be perfect.

    What many of these installers don't understand is if the jammer heads are not level, even by by a few degrees, from 1000' away, those few degrees could make the difference of whether your jammers are shooting at the officer or over his head or into the ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radardan24
    I had best buy install

    Good choice

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    Default level heads

    ok then back to best buy and ask them to fix. even though the supplied says level, the pro bubble dont lie. it should be fixed and ill bring back till done right. got lucky that best buy did it cause i can lifetime warranty on installs so a)fix the license plate. make level completly on both levels and front make perfect too with both levels. thanx guess going back dan



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