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    Default Re: ZR4 or Blinder M27

    The zr-4 may not perform like the LI or Blinder, but is it respectable. All my PT on the zr-4 is under 400ft. Still gonna get owned one day but it does works well. The main feature I like about the zr-4 in the Passport-9500ci-Radar-Detector-Laser-ShifterPro-p/9500ci-pro.htm">9500CI package is the ease of use. You get laser alert from the front and rear. During a laser trap, you can tap the mute button 1 time for mute or double tap to turn the shifter off but it will still tell you if your being shot. Neither the LI or blinder has this feature. I also love the zr-4 rachet design head mount which makes installing and leveling a breeze. The zr-4 has some amazing features but lacks performance of a real jammer. If escort can turn there shifters into real jammers like the Blinder or LI, it would be an awesome product for its feature and performance.
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    Default Re: ZR4 or Blinder M27

    From the limited testing I've done, I wouldn't buy either
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