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    Default Shifter ZR3 rear jammer performance

    The rear jammer impressed me today in MD. The MD state police had a laser trap set up under an overpass on the east bound side of route 100 near BWI airport. They were on the left side of the road and had flagged one driver over to the side of the road and was giving them a ticket. Route 100 is 2 lanes each direction seperated by a large median with no traffic lights. LEO was standing behind the cruiser targeting cars with the laser gun. I passed the trap on the west bound side on the road. I was surprised the rear ZR3 sensor picked up the laser he was aiming at the oncoming traffic on the east bound side of the road after I passed them driving on the west bound side. I didn't think the ZR3 would pick it up since I appeared to be somewhere between 500 to 700 feet past them and the median is so wide. It's probably not likely, but I wonder if the rear jammer actually prevented a speed reading on the car he was targeting?

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    Default Splatter

    My guess is that you may had been picking up spatter or the reflection of the laser. Doubt if the head would have jammed the gun..
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